With a focus on its atmosphere, location, security and service, we welcome you and your colleagues to the most exclusive office hotel of Stockholm City. We are not like our competitors, the differences are vast. For us, it is equally important that our clients work in an environment that feels personable, safe and secure and that the service is nothing less than pristine. Furthermore, our pricing should not contain any surprises. All of the above to ensure our clients remain completely comfortable and are able to focus on what they know best, their business. KG10 is blessed with longstanding experience from the service industry and is set to present an offer without competition – Best-office-deal.




“KG10 has a unique mix of location, real estate, technology, atmosphere, security, service, feeling, design, creativity and flexibility – all at the right price for our clients. The office spaces have been refined to the core with first class materials and interior design. Being an entrepreneurial company we embrace the Kaizen mentality and empower both our customers and staff to suggest areas of improvements. Having an all-inclusive business model, we can all focus on delivering services to our customers rather than denying services.”

Peter Strömberg, CEO, KG10


• Total area of around 4 800 m2
• Large Conference rooms and multiple lounge areas
• Small conference rooms for ad-hoc meetings
• All rooms newly refurbished
• All services included



Please kontakt us if you want to know more aout us and what facilites we provide.