We have devoted a considerable amount of work and a lot of soul in the design of our interiors. The interior is said to exude a mix of warmth and coldness – classical and purity of styles – darkness and light – personalized and anonymous. All spaces balanced to create the utmost atmosphere for creativity.

For us it is essential that our clients enjoy their time in the office and that is the foremost reason for renting an office with KG10.




All of our rooms without consideration to size and flexibility have fully equipped workspaces and offer full services on all levels for our clients to be able to focus on what they do best – their business.

Over and above what is considered standard all rooms are traditionally equipped with air conditioning, minibars, safes and many more practical amenities which participate in making your office one of a kind.




We know that it is difficult to plan the size and scope of our clients’ future business aspirations. With time, your needs are set to change. For instance, you may require a larger or a smaller office. In our agreements there is flexibility which will ensure that you can be comfortable when renting an office with KG10.